PropTech company BIMspot concludes financing round with German based BitStone Capital, Haselsteiner Familienprivatstiftung and i5invest.

Vienna, 22.07.2019: With the entry of the German venture capital investor BitStone Capital, the Haselsteiner Familienprivatstiftung, i5invest and other technology investors from the real estate industry, as well as the receipt of a research grant, BIMspot receives fresh capital to further advance product development and strengthen market activities.

BIMspot is a software solution that supports the BIM (“Building Information Modelling”) based process of planning, constructing and operating a building. The aim of using BIM is to create a digital twin of buildings. While the information and data required for this, generated by different stakeholders and in different software solutions, are currently fragmented and difficult to merge, the use of BIMspot enables integral collaboration on a central building data model in real time. This makes it possible to keep costs, time and quality within the project and to identify risks and problems as early as possible in order to counteract them. Any editing or change to the model is available and traceable to all stakeholders and parallel planning processes with selective coordination between planning participants are replaced by seamless collaboration.

“Many processes in planning and construction are currently running in parallel and offer a high risk of errors and problems. We can reduce error costs and project risks by centrally and organizationally providing information and optimizing processes,” emphasizes BIMspot Co-Founder and Managing Director, DI Christoph Degendorfer. “For this purpose, BIMspot is developing a software-independent cloud solution that reacts to specific practical requirements. Our goal with BIMspot is to obtain and use a digital twin from every building.”

Marc Stilke, Venture Partner of BitStone Capital, adds: “The timing for BIMspot is perfect. The digital revolution in the construction industry is in full swing and is being driven by different actions at national and EU level to use BIM in public tenders. We see an enormous market potential and are convinced that BIMspot will use this potential”.