Art-Invest / BitStone Capital: New insights in digital business by digital master students

Digital Business Master Students of the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH) have worked together with Art Invest and BitStone Capital on new start-up ideas in the Proptech area. The result are concrete new digital business ideas and problem solutions. Both for kind Invest and BitStone Capital and for the studying the co-operation was profitable. Follow-up projects are planned.

On basis of one of the kind Invest and BitStone Capital held Reverse Pitch at the RFH before digital master studying concrete digital business ideas and questions related to practice were raised, on which studying in the following months worked. They had the opportunity to examine concrete individual aspects of new digital products, competition and financing analyses in detail, e.g:

  • How can the new digital sales channel be used for open-ended real estate funds?
  • How can the condition of a building be recorded digitally and any necessary repairs be identified and carried out more quickly?
  • How can new digital services be offered to existing tenants?

RFH students then conducted qualitative and quantitative surveys to evaluate their business models. With this market data, they were able to further develop their ideas with Art Invest and BitStone Capital management as mentors. At the end of the semester, the Digital Master students presented their business ideas and the management was very pleased with the results:
“The co-operation with the digital Business students of the RFH was very profitable for our enterprise and made fun. We received a set of resuming realizations by this external, fresh view of our digital business and want to develop this in the future gladly with the students further , summarized Dr. Markus Wiedenmann, acting partner of the kind Invest.

“The project with Art Invest and BitStone Capital was a real win-win situation. For our Digital Master students it was exciting and enriching to work on concrete, digital problems from the Proptech area and with the mentors. Art Invest and BitStone Capital recognized the need for digital change processes and were an excellent partner to jointly develop and test new digital business models,” adds Prof. Dr. Kai Buehler, Chair of Digital Business Management.

The cooperation has also resulted in new options for the students: A team wants to become independent with a start-up idea. A student will write his master’s thesis at Art Invest.